The Sour Science of Taking Things in Thief

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Thief’s unholy ground also doubles as sacred for a lot of gamers and, unlike Square Enix’s recent revivalist victories with Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Tomb Raider, its original demographic is narrower and typically harder to placate: ye old-e vanguard of the P-C. Square Enix PR manager Adam Phillips and Eidos Montreal director Nicolas Cantin sit across from me and they are aware of this. Hyper-aware. They use the internet sometimes. They know what’s up, but Nicolas gets to getting down straight away.

“The goal for us was to stay true to what Thief was,” he stresses in endearingly broken-up French-Canadian English. “Every decision we made was about that. It’s what you feel when you play the game. We tried a lot of things, but in our minds it was to respect the main people of the game.”

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