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The Order:1886 New Screens & New Wii U Bundle Announced!

Remember we have a giveaway going on everyday this week on the show. For details watch today's episode and catch up on the day's biggest top stories including new game releases and a look at the stunning new screenshots from The Order: 1886.

Here's what we covered:

We get a first look at The Order: 1886 on next-gen. The environments are looking gorgeous.

You will be able to customize what color your achievements show up as.

The full story along with the ones we do know are making use of the new tech.

You'll get the best of both worlds in this new deluxe edition. Get pricing details and more.

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Xbox One Achievements Are Colour-Coded to Players

Microsoft has revealed that Xbox One achievements will be colour-coded to the player that unlocks them.

A new video (via Kotaku) expands upon what we already know of the Xbox One's achievement display, confirming that multiple people will be able to earn separate achievements from within the same game, even if this is on the same console.

At the 11.15 mark in the video, the UI informs everyone just who unlocked the achievement, with Xbox VP Marc Whitten confirming on Twitter that you'll be able to customise what colour you want the alert to display in when you're the one who's done the deed.

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Blurring the Lines Between GTA 5 & the Real World


In a case of art imitating art imitating life (or something,) creator Craig Kind has highlighted the increasingly blurred lines between real and virtual worlds - in this case, Grand Theft Auto 5's - with his online installation

The extremely hypnotic instillation juxtaposes live LAPD radio against chaotic scenes set in Rockstar's 'alternate' LA, Los Santos, in an effort to illustrate how the two strangely blend together. As Kind puts it in his description, "sporadically, the real world broadcasts appear to correlate with the virtual images on screen creating a strange and serendipitous link between the two parallel worlds."

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Alien Rage

Unleash a fury of powerful weapons as you blast your way through armies of Alien forces hell-bent on taking you down! Battle through...