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Risk of Rain Coming to Vita

We've today learned that 2013's PC-based platformer Risk of Rain is set to release on PlayStation Vita.

Ashton Raze, of publisher Chucklefish, let the news slip in a casual tweet.

It was confirmed minutes later by Sony's Business Development Manager Shahid Kamal Ahmad. Ahmad is known for having brought many of indie gaming's best titles to PS3, PS4, and Vita, including big names such as Thomas Was Alone, Hotline Miami, and Lone Survivor.

Goat Simulator Heading to Steam

Goat Simulator, which became a YouTube sensation last week thanks to 2-plus million views of the game's alpha footage, is coming to Steam soon.

Developer Coffee Stain Studios is having fun with the game's sudden rise to fame, saying in a press release that "for some reason, the incredibly stupid YouTube video of Goat Simulator alpha footage became a viral hit last week." The game creators were inspired by old-school skating games with Goat Simulator, but instead of performing tricks, the goal is to wreck stuff to rack up points. The new trailer shows the goat flying off a trampoline at ridiculous heights and utilizing an axe with its tongue.

A Busy Night at the Inn: Talking Hearthstone with Blizzard

Hearthstone has come an incredibly long way in a short space of time. It's only just entered open beta, but it's already an established eSport and has legions of diehard fans around the world. It's early days too - Team 5 has big plans for this one. IGN AU caught up with two members of the team: lead designer Eric Dodds and lead artist Ben Thompson, to chat Hearthstone past, present and future.

IGN: Hearthstone has really taken me by surprise. I didn't expect it to be something I'd be so into – not having much an affinity with WarCraft or card games - but I've really tumbled down the rabbit hole. It's really accessible, yet incredibly deep and a heap of fun to play. Were you surprised by how quickly it took off?

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Shipments Reach 10 Million

Ubisoft today announced its earnings for the third fiscal quarter, and among the highlights are sales figures for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, which come in lower than those of Assassin's Creed III during the same span the year prior.

During the company's third quarter, which ended December 31, 2013, Ubisoft reports 10 million copies of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag were sold in. Note that this is not the number of units sold through to consumers, but instead the number sold to retailers.

The game was described as having "excellent momentum," although this number is actually less than the sold-in number for Assassin's Creed III -- 12 million units -- during the same span in 2013. This is despite Black Flag being available on more platforms, thanks to the launch of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, than its predecessor. During a conference call this afternoon, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot did note that sales of Black Flag during the first six weeks of this year are outpacing those of AC3 during the same span last year, suggesting the latest game may have a longer tail as more people get their hands on next-gen consoles.

Skullgirls Encore Returns to PlayStation Network

Following its December 2013 delisting from PSN and XBLA, we're now happy to report that sassy 2D fighter Skullgirls is set to make a return on PSN.

The newly labelled Skullgirls Encore will hit the North American PSN on February 11, just a little later than its originally projected release date of January. According to Zero Lab Games' Peter Bartholow in a NeoGAF thread, they're hoping for an EU PSN release the following week, though nothing is confirmed yet.

The Week’s Biggest News & Win a Copy of Thief!

Browsing the news but not sure where to start? Here's our five Fix episodes from this week to help make it easier. Big news on Titanfall, The Order 1886, and Naughty Dog developer sweeping the Dice Awards with multiple wins for The Last of Us. We're also giving away a copy of Thief in our Friday episode!

Naomi Kyle is IGN's news host and on-camera personality. You can find her every day on The Daily Fix, kicking ass and taking names. You can follow her on Twitter @NaomiKyle.

Titanfall 360 Version Delayed & Call of Duty Game Gets New Studio

Today we bring news from the DICE Awards which took place last night. The latest Call of Duty: Ghosts patch now seems to be less of a fix and more of a hassle. Finally, is The Last of Us getting a sequel?

Here's what we covered:

The DICE Awards included other winners such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and BioShock Infinite. Check out the full list of winners and categories.

Call of Duty games will now have a three year development cycle as Sledgehammer Games takes on the 2014 installment of the franchise.

A recent update to the game is causing frame-rates to drop. Digital Foundry investigates.

But no by much! Electronic Arts explains the reason for the delay and reveals new release date.

Colin Moriarty’s Top 25 Games of All Time

There are three things I love above all else in this world (not including people, of course): history, politics, and video games. But while history is something you can only learn about (and occasionally make yourself) and politics is something you observe and cursorily participate in from time to time, gaming is something you live and breathe. You actively participate in the hobby. As such, it's something that's been a daily part of my life for over 25 years.

When I started making this list, I had over 100 games written down on a piece of paper. Getting it down to 50 games was excruciating. By the time I got under 50 games, it took me minutes upon minutes to just eliminate one game from the list. Removing games was difficult. I could actually feel it in my gut each time I crossed one out.

Amazon Acquires Double Helix Games & Child of Light Gets Release Date

Watch an exclusive on the Transformers Universe trailer and the latest from The Order: 1886 as we hear word the game won't have multiplayer. And Sony's Q3 financial results are in. Their games division takes center stage.

Here's what we covered:

Other company divisions are not doing so well. Details on Sony's third-quarter financial results.

Transformers Universe is now a MOTA (massively online tactical action game) and has a sweet new trailer which you can see here.

Closed Beta for Dead Island MOBA Opened to Sign Ups

Deep Silver's upcoming free-to-play multi-player online battle arena Dead Island Epidemic is now accepting sign-ups for the title's closed beta, according to the game's site

Details of the game are also outlined on the site. The "core mode" of Epidemic "features 3 teams of 4 battling it out in a competition to grab supplies, hold key points, outsmart the competition and blast through hordes of zombies." Controls are "good ol' WASD," which are touted as the cure for "Last Hitting, mouse-click-to-move nonsense." Deep Silver also touts Epidemic's crafting mechanic, a Dead Island staple.