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Total War: Rome II Battlefields Run Red with Blood & Gore DLC

A new downloadable add-on pack for Total War: Rome II will see the game turned into a veritable Roman bloodbath, infusing the gameplay with brutal new “decapitations, dismemberment and devastating impalements.”

With hundreds of new “gruesome animations” and new sound effects, battles in Total War: Rome II will never be the same again, according to Sega. Gore now coats combatants and the ground will become soaked with blood.

Blood & Gore is available now for Rome II on Steam for USD$2.99 USD/£1.99 GBP/€2.49 EUR/AUD$3.99 AUD.

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WildStar Beta Coming in Winter

Carbine Studios has announced a WildStar beta will begin this winter.

A new blog post encourages anyone interested in taking part to register their interest as soon as possible, with invites scheduled to begin in the next few weeks.

"We're just about ready to start up the Winter Beta for WildStar," it reads. "We'll be inviting tons of people, new and old, to check out the changes to WildStar, give us feedback, and play through the content to make sure we're ready for launch in Spring 2014.

"We'll be sending out a survey to all of our beta applicants in the next few weeks. Be sure to fill it out as accurately as possible if you want to increase your chances of getting invited. Haven't applied yet? Now's your chance if you want to be included in our Winter Beta!"

Win a Copy of AC4 & Xbox One Halo: Spartan Assault Gets Dated

Happy Battlefield 4 and Assassin's Creed 4 release day, everyone! We talk about both games in our show today and reveal the first teaser for Telltale's The Walking Dead sequel.

Here's what we covered:

Clementine braves the zombie apocalypse on her one in this second installment. See the teaser trailer.

What you'll get including membership details.

Play some of the very first Spartan Ops missions in this upcoming digital download in December.

There's a new Zelda themed 3DS XL in town and it's looking hot!

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What is Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode?


A clutch of screenshots of the long-rumoured sci-fi themed co-op Call of Duty Ghosts mode called Extinction appear to have leaked online, just ahead of its official reveal.

Posted online by Imgur user smtkz, the 17 unverified screenshots suggest the mode is all about killing aliens and destroying their hives, as opposed to zombies in previous installments. A list of Call of Duty: Ghosts achievements leaked a while ago verified the mode's existence, with an achievement granted for completing all "Extinction challenges," amongst other hints.

The Great Video Game Stories of 2013

There have been some remarkable achievements in video game storytelling in 2013. While these stories have not rewritten the rule-book entirely – all have been built on the sturdy shoulders of what has gone before - it's rare to find so many diverse approaches to interactive narratives in a single year. It feels like the medium is shifting in focus; not only within the blockbuster space where nuance and ‘mature' themes are quickly becoming expected, but in the independent space, where games like Gone Home and Papers, Please are teaching the big boys lessons in telling stories with restraint.

Here's a brief look at why 2013 has been a great year for video game storytelling so far.

Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot Loses Director

He found success by helming the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series, but it appears director Kevin Tancharoen won't be the filmmaker behind the long-awaited big screen reboot of the classic video game after all.

Tancharoen tweeted the following announcement Friday:

— Kevin Tancharoen (@KTANCH) Oct. 25, 2013

While Tancharoen's tweet indicates there could be life for the project without him, it's certainly not a good step forward for the reboot to lose its biggest champion and the filmmaker who showed Mortal Kombat still had live-action potential left in it.

The Five Stages of Restart Grief

Any gamer will know the feeling. It's your tenth restart, you're staring at a spinning ball of fire or there's a gun emplacement that you just can't get past, or maybe you're just standing in a seemingly empty room and the door is just beyond the distance you cover with a double jump. That feeling, the boiling, roiling feeling in the back of your brain as you curse and swear at every imaginable game designer and developer, the idiots and dolts who are paid to do the dream job of building games and yet are so incompetent that they build this level that is impenetrable and impossible and now this awesome game that you shelled out all that money for and is now TOTALLY ruined because… pant pant pant... come on game, come on, just let me through this and then we can get playing again. Just a clue! What did I miss? There must be something you want, what is it? That crate back in the other room, is that it?

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